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Alan Cruz And The GalaxyFri, September 299:00PMRoundhouse Bar
Alan Cruz And The GalaxySat, September 309:00PMRoundhouse Bar
Andrew Varner BandSun, October 019:00PMRoundhouse Bar
BenderzFri, October 209:00PMRoundhouse Bar
BenderzSat, October 219:00PMRoundhouse Bar
Bluff CanucksSat, September 302:00PMRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, September 233:00PMThe Fishbowl
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, October 069:00PMThe Fishbowl
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, October 139:00PMThe Fishbowl
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, October 143:00PMThe Fishbowl
Buzz BinFri, October 135:30PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Buzz BinSat, October 145:30PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Cowboy JukeboxFri, October 139:30PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Cowboy JukeboxSat, October 149:30PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Dead StringsSun, September 249:00PMRoundhouse Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, September 2311:00AMPut-in-Bay Resort
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, September 294:00PMPut-in-Bay Resort
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, September 3011:00AMPut-in-Bay Resort
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, October 064:00PMPut-in-Bay Resort
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, October 0711:00AMPut-in-Bay Resort
Flowers for TacoSat, September 239:00PMRoundhouse Bar
Jordon BarnettSat, September 232:00PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Jordon BarnettSat, September 302:00PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Jordon BarnettSat, October 072:00PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Jordon BarnettSat, October 142:00PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, September 232:00PMRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, September 242:00PMRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, October 142:00PMRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, October 152:00PMRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, October 282:00PMRoundhouse Bar
Mustang SallySat, September 239:30PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Mustang SallyFri, October 069:30PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Mustang SallySat, October 079:30PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Nashville CrushFri, September 299:30PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Nashville CrushSat, September 309:30PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Ollie's Pool PartyFri, October 279:00PMRoundhouse Bar
Ollie's Pool PartySat, October 289:00PMRoundhouse Bar
Paul FranksSat, September 236:30PMRoundhouse Bar
Private PartySun, October 087:00PMRoundhouse Bar
Ray Fogg ShowSat, September 237:30PMReel Bar
Ray Fogg ShowSat, September 307:30PMReel Bar
Ray Fogg ShowSat, October 077:30PMReel Bar
Ray Fogg ShowFri, October 137:30PMReel Bar
Ray Fogg ShowSat, October 147:30PMReel Bar
Ray Fogg ShowSun, October 291:00PMRoundhouse Bar
Ryan & MichelleSun, October 087:00PMRoundhouse Bar
Ryan & MichelleSun, October 159:00PMRoundhouse Bar
The Sly BandFri, October 279:30PMBeer Barrel Saloon
The Sly BandSat, October 289:30PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Tricky DickFri, October 139:00PMRoundhouse Bar
Tricky DickSat, October 149:00PMRoundhouse Bar
TwinpfunkSat, October 072:00PMRoundhouse Bar
TwinpfunkSat, October 212:00PMRoundhouse Bar
VenyxSat, September 235:30PMBeer Barrel Saloon
VenyxFri, October 209:30PMBeer Barrel Saloon
VenyxSat, October 219:30PMBeer Barrel Saloon
VenyxSat, October 285:30PMBeer Barrel Saloon
Walk of ShameFri, October 069:00PMRoundhouse Bar
Walk of ShameSat, October 079:00PMRoundhouse Bar


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